Black and White Photos of Cemeteries
Eternal View: 19th Century Gravestones Portfolio

While on a trip to Scotland and England, I found myself infatuated with the serene beauty of old gravestones.  The
various shapes, textures, and epitaphs were all very intriguing.  Some epitaphs were so worn, I couldn't even read who
was resting below - or even when they had passed.  

We, as modern-day humans, are quick to tear down old structures and build new.  The new isn’t as robust and
meaningful as the old.  I am passionate about preserving our history, and it is my hope that images in the series
Eternal View: 19th Century Gravestones generate an appreciation and greater awareness of preservation

These photographs of headstone memorials are what the deceased would see upon looking up from their grave.
Black and White photos of cemeteries
Black and White photos of cemeteries
Unknown #9                                                        2006
epitaphs headstone
Anne Downing                                                        2006
gothic photography
Jacobina Carter                                                2006
Unknown #2                                                        2006
celtic cross photographs
Unknown #1                                                        2006
headstone sayings
Unknown #3                                                        2006
epitaphs headstone
Fritz Duvel                                                        2006
photographs of gravestone memorials
Joseph Jewell                                                        2006
Unknown #7                                                        2006
gothic photography
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Fine Art Black and White Photos of Cemeteries
Grave Stones
Headstone Sayings from David Ashman - Portland Oregon USA
Celtic cross photographs
photography graveyards
photograph for headstone
headstone sayings
photographs of gravestone memorials
old 19th century gothic photography

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gothic photography
C. Clifford Duncan                                             2007
gothic photography
Samuel Beilby                                               2007
gothic photography
gothic photography
gothic photography
Unknown #13 (rose)                                            2007
Unknown #14 (1813)                                            2007
Unknown #12 (sundial)                                            2007
Please Close Gate                                            2004
gothic photography
Black and White Photos of Cemeteries
All photographs are original fiber based selenium toned gelatin silver prints
printed by the photographer.  Each is titled, signed, dated, numbered, and
matted using archival acid-free white matting, mounting, and backing
materials.  Price includes postage, insurance, and domestic US shipping.  

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